Monday, April 4, 2016

A-Z Challenge and Lulu

So I'm completely flopping on this A-Z challenge thing. We'll see. Maybe today. I haven't got big goals, so....  :)

Lulu has a free shipping coupon today, APRMAIL. Shipping usually equals about 30% of my order, so this is cool and gets my attention where 10% or 20% coupons don't. I'm slowly building up my print collection of NOD: I just got 1-3, have 24-27, and just ordered 4-6.


  1. Maybe pick a theme? It might help with A to Z?

    1. My theme idea was just to write something about some place in the Shadowend that starts with the letter of the day. The problem is in applying my ass to my chair. ;)

    2. Thank you for the comment, btw. I'm always pleased when someone new shows up. Particularly when I'm on a bi-annual posting schedule. ;)