Sunday, September 9, 2018

Life and its happenings

I am slowly and gradually getting back, I think, into a writing sort of headspace.

I've been separated from my wife for 2+ years now, and we are amicable. We're not in a rush to divorce because I like having health insurance and...I'm just not in a rush. It's not going to help me in any way, and she doesn't seem to care. Things have more or less settled into a stable routine.  Out of all the separation/divorce scenarios I could think of, this is about pretty close to optimum, and I mean that with total sincerity.

I'm transitioning, over the next 9 months, back to NH. I've been in upstate NY for 10 years, and I want to go home. I haven't ever had steady employment here, and I can get it there and live rent free until the lease on this apartment expires in July. I'll travel between NY and NH frequently, and can move at my leisure. My dad's barn has plenty of room for my workshop space (particularly since he's moved his workshop into his basement).

On the bad news side of things, my dog of 14 years was hit and killed by a vehicle this week. I was away on business in Iowa, and I've never felt so helpless and incomplete as when my ex called me to tell me. I could hear my daughter hysterically sobbing in the background as M. told me what had happened and that she was going to go get Pippi off the road and take her to be cremated.  I couldn't do anything, and there's no closure. Whatever hit her didn't stop, but a tractor trailer stopped immediately after and moved her body - there's no question that she died instantly.

I didn't mean to end on that note. Maybe I'll come back and edit or remove this post later, but right now I needed to write something about this stuff and I'm not ready to deal with Facebook or anything.


  1. Sorry to hear about your lost, my friend. A terrible thing to happen at any time, but especially when you were just starting to get it together. My thoughts are with you and best wishes on your upcoming journey.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Pippi, Nate! If you need someone to talk to, I'm around.

    When you move back to NH, you should see how close you are to Jeff Talanian and his crew---perhaps you could get in on their games.