Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick Update & Observations


  1. People like illusionist stuff.  The Illusionist Class is the 4th most viewed post ever, and until recently it was the most "plussed" post on here.  I'm not quite sure why it isn't anymore - the "plus" count has actually declined by one, so someone "unplussed" it.
  2. Three New Illusion Spells; The Paladin & Anti-Paladin Class; and The Illusionist Class are the most "plussed" posts.  Alter Reality is only behind by one, so it'll probably match them.
  3. Most viewed posts in the past month, in order from most to least: Ability Scores; The Knight; The Fighter; The Paladin; On Classes: Magic-Users; The Ranger; The Barbarian; Three New Spells; Alter Reality; and The Illusionist Class.  The low showing of the Illusionist is because it was posted just over a month ago, and there were a lot of views on the first day.
  4. Four of the top 5 most viewed posts ever are older/pre-2013.  It's interesting that Notable Spellcaster is so popular, and I really don't understand the popularity of Posting Will Be Light, unless people think it's some kind of joke post (hint: it's not.)  First post ever (I've had a few...) is still the most viewed.
  5. Followers jumped a little, but not much.  It would be kinda nice to hit 20 followers, so if two more people could want to jump in the pool, it'd be great.
  6. In Like Flynn ( and Sword +1 ( provide a huge amount of my traffic.  They are awesome.  The rest of it comes from Google (the Swords & Wizardry community, you guys are awesome too).
  7. If you came here looking for a tigana map, paksenarrion map, or guy gavriel kay map, I'm sorry, and I've just messed up your google search again.


  1. I burned out on classes for a bit, but will wrap up the Soldier soon.  I'll probably do a few variants, clarify some rules and stuff, and put together a "martial classes draft" pdf for download.  Then...we'll see.  I'm still wrestling with mechanics for other classes.  As usual, I should probably stop thinking and start writing.
  2. Plugging away on illusion spells.  I've got a huge pile of d20 spells to draw from, but formatting (and unformatting) takes time.  Once I get a good number, I'll probably make up another pdf.
  3. Eventually I might bring everything together in one compendium, and see if anyone is willing to pay money for it.  Some sort of house rules/variant rules thing, with an overview of the Shadowend tucked in as well.  What's posted here is basically rough drafts, so the final product would be a bit more polished and have extra bits.  Long ways away, though.  No rush.


  1. Nice update. Good to see you're "keeping tabs."

    Personally, I was never that interested in the Illusionist class. It always seemed to me that higher level characters could too easily "disbelieve" the spells.

    But that's just me.

    1. I understand; that's one of the things I'm looking at re: spells.

    2. And clarifying how illusions and illusion damage works. There are also many spells that can't be disbelieved.

    3. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!