Monday, March 11, 2013

Illusionist Spell - Phantasmagoria

Because the old spell was, frankly, kinda dull.  I'm sorry if it was a favorite of yours. I can't even figure out what it was even supposed to make you do, except fall down, thrash around, and maybe barf, which is fine, but not for a 6th-level spell.  This version actually does something.


Level: Illusionist 6
Range: A 60-foot radius around you.
Duration: 1 turn
You summon a host of terrifying spectral images, which pursue anyone you choose within range for the duration of the spell.  Targets must make a successful saving throw or take 3d6 points of damage and be affected as per a fear spell, fleeing in terror and with a 60% chance to drop anything they are holding.  A creature that successfully saves is ignored by the images, which race madly around area of the spell, screaming, cackling, shouting, laughing, and otherwise inducing terror and chaos.


  1. Hmm. I like the "improvement," but it still seems like a lot of damage for a spell that can be disbelieved. Maybe it's just me, though.

    1. Well, Chrome just crashed again, and I lost a rather long reply. Screw it.
      Phantasmagoria is a combination of fear and phantasmal killer. It's 6th-level, so you're talking about 12th level characters. 3d6 is small beans.
      Phantasmal killer kills you on a failed save and does 3d6 on a successful one, so I figure 3d6 on a failed save for a 6th level spell is OK. Fireball, by comparison, would be doing 5d6-6d6 on a SUCCESSFUL save. Phantasmagoria might even be underpowered (that's why it's got a big radius).

      The point of higher level illusions is that they are stronger than you. They get into your deep animal brain, screw logic. Phobias are not logical. The haunted house at the carnival. You can't unsee them anymore than you can unsee a movie or a hologram, and as long as you can see them, a part of your brain treats them as real.