Monday, April 15, 2013

Setting Snippet: Ainamoir

I wrote most of these descriptions in class a few years ago.  I started with a list of iconic fantasy mores, like witch-king and pirates, and went from there.  Again, there's a sketch map somewhere, but I haven't scanned it yet.

These aren't "finished" or "detailed" settings, btw.  I'll post a few more this week, and in almost every case, this is 100% of the material that I wrote.  I write these little things, then scavenge them later for stuff to add to the Shadowend.

Land of Ainamoir

Beast Clans: The Beast Clans hold the forested shore north of the Pale Plains, along the southern coast of the Iron Sea.  The most prominent clans are Bear, Elk, Fox, and Seal.

Eorian: This rugged, forested island is the last redoubt of the Ori, who once held an empire that encompassed all the islands of eastern Ainamoir.  While many of the islands hold ruins of the iridescent Ori ruins, the only intact settlements are on Eorian.  The Ori rarely leave the island, but several well-known schools of wizardry are based here.

Graillands: The three Grail realms of Arima, Ceval, and Troes are the proverbial breadbasket of Ainamoir.  Located around the freshwater Chalice Sea, the rich soil produces abundant crops, but the geography of Ainamoir isolates the rural provinces on three sides from the other human states.  The rough lands of the Wolfholds border Ceval and Troes on the west, while the low Morinhorn Mountains arc across the east, rising in the north to become the majestic Mistwall, and Arima’s northern border.  Only the broad vale of the Chalice River in the south provides an easy route to the rest of Ainamoir.

Islands of the Iron Lords: This fractured, stony archipelago lies in the Iron Sea, and is home to the Iron Lords, a group of barbarians and raiders that threaten the entirety of eastern Ainamoir.  The Iron Lords are also the primary trade contact with the dwarves of Nurimoir, who supply the raw material from whence the Iron Sea and the Iron Lords derive their names.

Islands of the Sea Throne: This archipelago of large islands is the dominion of the Lords of the Sea Throne, and the center of trade in eastern Ainamoir.

Krof Hills: The Krof Hills mark the southern terminus of the Morinhorn Mountains.

Norll, Grand Duchy of : 

Nurimoir:  Nuirimoir lies directly north of Ainamoir, and is, for the large part, a cold and desolate land plagued by giants, trolls, ogres, and less savory creatures.  The Seal Clan and Iron Lords have holdings along  the southern coastline, but the most civilized race on Nurimoir are the dwarves, who mine vast quantities of iron ore from the earth.

Pale Plains: Starved of moisture by the Mistwall and Snowwall ranges, the Pale Plains are the dominion of the Cebent tribesmen. 

Wolfholds: These wild and mountainous lands are the territory of the hobgoblin vojvoda and their goblin subjects, an ongoing plague in the western Graillands.

Yryn, Kingdom of: Nestled beneath the boughs of the

Cultures: goblin (goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear, urgoblin), orc, kobold, lizard man, troglodyte, elf, dwarf, gnome, Halfling, drakonar, ogre, giant, centaur, cavemen, doppelganger, dragon, gnoll, minotaur, troll, areana, morlock
Men: beserkers, brigand, pirate, merchant, nomad
 Iconic/thematic fantasy countries: witch-king, undead, pirate, merchanteering, intrigue-ridden, Nordic barbarians, feudal/chivalric, dwarven, elven (wood), elven (high), magical, autocratic evil empire

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