Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Cultist:A Quick Note

I thought I put this in the initial cultist post, but apparently not....

The cultist class isn't done.  It needs a spell list, a minor ability or two, and some wordage for stuff like "Initiate" and "Establish Shrine".  I might do a few more Typhos too, with a little more wordage there as well. (yeah, because that post was _so_ well-received...did anyone even notice it?)

Stuff that isn't missing:
XP: I don't do it. None of my classes, except possibly the leshii, have xp charts. Use whatever feels right. (or use the cleric).
Prime Requisite: See above. (or Chr 13)

That's all for now, folks.


  1. Cool, thanks!

    I only ask because I care :-)

    1. Oh, I know, and I appreciate it. You're not the first person to ask; just the first one to ask in the comments and catch me in a mood to respond.