Monday, September 8, 2014

Secrets #2: Strange Races is here!!!

Q: What is Secrets #2: Strange Races?
A: Secrets is a fanzine for Swords & Wizardry and other OSR games. Strange Races is an issue dedicated to new (and slightly unusual) player races.

Q: What's in Strange Races?
A: No half-orcs, half-elves, or gnomes. They've been done. Strange Races has...

  • 25 new player races for S&W and similar games, including:
  • the avia, rulers of the Feathered Realm;
  • the khon, a pseudo-human race locked in a vicious evolutionary cycle;
  • the sekhm, a noble race of warrior-scholars;
  • the leshii, barbaric forest guardians;
  • expanded information on lesser-known OGC races like the dakon, mites, ubue, and valco;
  • S&W variants of the aasimar, teuflings, and clockwork characters;
  • and racial class information for each new race.
  • A Random Culture Generator, for your random culture needs;
  • Snippets of lore from the Feathered Realm setting;
  • An overview of the elves of the Shadowend.
Secrets is covered under the Open Game License, and 100% Open Game Content.

Prices n' Places

$1.99The pdf version of Secrets #2 is available at the d20PFSRD Store for $1.99

$4: The print version is available for $4 through the Paypal link in the sidebar, and each print zine includes one of ten different bonus content stickers. 

$6: Print + pdf. Order through the Paypal link to the right, and I'll email you the pdf ASAP and send you a print copy.

International orders are the same price (yes, really), but it's a little easier on me if you order the print + pdf, and then you can enjoy the pdf while waiting for the envelope (although it only took 3 days for it to get to Barcelona, which is pretty darned good - it took longer to get to some USA addresses.)

Greg Gorgonmilk snuck a micro-review of Strange Races into his OSR PDF Roundup post.  He calls the leshii and the clockworks "crazygood".


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    1. Then I'm thinking I just sent you a pdf! And thank you!! :)

  2. Any option to still get Secrets #2 print edition?

    1. Not yet. Reprinting #1 & #2 are on my list, but I just started a new job and it's keeping me busy. I'll post on the blog here when it happens. Hopefully within a month, but don't quote me.