Sunday, January 20, 2019

Maps and Mapping Stuff, aka the hexcrawl writing game

I've finally done the thing I've been meaning to do for decades, which is assign a functional scale to the Shadowend map. I did this to break it into a hex map of 25-mile hexes, and break those into 5-mile hexes (the 5-mile hexes can be broken again to 1-mile hexes, and then to 1056 ft hexes (352 yards if you want to be really granular).

The point of this is to, hopefully, get back into the groove of writing by detailing hexes. First a general overview of the 25-mile hexes (909: The North Coast hex), then each 5 mile hex within it.  The specificity appeals to me, and a 5-mile hex is still a lot of territory. You can put a mountain in it, or several villages, or a city, or a bunch of things. There are 21 of those in each large hex, plus 12 half-hexes.

No schedule on this, no strict guidelines or word count. I'm going to be as detailed as I want. It's an exercise in writing what I want to read. I'm enjoying it. A deep dive into the Shadowend.


  1. Many of us are glad to see you post whenever you can. Good to "see" you!!

    P.S. - It looks like you have a spammer hitting you in the comment above me.

    1. Thank you!!!

      I have 1-2 spammers that hit me least once every week or two if I'm not posting. Its supposed to be set up so I can moderate comments, but that works erratically. It's been the same spam ads for YEARS, and I report them as spam, but it's never made a difference. My #1 frustration with blogspot. It's clear they don't care.

    2. Yes, that can be frustrating for sure! You should be glad you didn't go and integrate your comments with G+ since it is going the way of the dodo. No one really knows what is going to happen there and people have not been very successful migrating. ...or at least they are getting sporadic results.