Monday, July 8, 2013

Classes to Date

For convenience, here are links to the classes I've done so far, plus a few related posts.

On Classes: Creating Concepts (what makes a good class?)
On Classes: Martial Classes (thinking about fighters and that sort)
On Classes: Magic-User Classes (thinking about arcane classes)
On Classes: Magic-User Classes Again (revisting arcane classes after the Illusionist)

Leshii (Player Race)
Leshii (Race-as-Class)

Fighter Class
Barbarian Class (including the Steppe Nomad and Zealot)
Knight Class (including the Cavalier, Chevalier, and Faris)
Ranger Class
Paladin Class (including the Anti-Paladin)

Illusionist Class (first class I did.  Link to The Basic Illusionist document is in the sidebar.

Cultist Class
Cultist Class II
Cultist Class Addendum

Summer, for me, is about being outside.  Part of growing up in a rural area without a tv or computer.  So productivity is way, way, down.  Make hay while the sun shines, my lads and lasses. Also, treehouses.
That said....

  • Working on The Complete Illusionist.  Lots more spells to go through.
  • Writing another spin on the illusionist for Knockspell, so Matt whatshisname has something to put in the Ultra-Special -S&W-Appreciation-Day-Issue. Eventually.  Honestly, I'm not feeling the pressure on this.  ;)
  • Tweaking the cultist, and working out the variants (shi'ar, apostate, etc)
  • Springboarding off the cultist to the other occult classes.
  • Divine classes.  Establishing differences between occult, divine, and arcane systems of magic.
  • Expert/Rogue classes.  Honestly, not overly excited about these, except sometimes I am.  Particularly the outlaw.
  • More setting stuff.
  • I'd like to do more races.
  • I have a f*cking AWESOME idea for new classes that I love, but need to bolt my ass to the chair and work out.
  • Digging into more of the stuff that's out there.  If you want to fuel my pdf shopping, donate some money for tax purposes, or simply make me feel good, clicky-click on the Donate button over yonder.

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