Sunday, April 20, 2014

Secrets #1 PRINT edition now available!! :)

Yes!  :)
The hardcopy, dead-tree, snail-mail version of Secrets #1 is ready!

Why should you buy? Because the hardcopy version has an awesome cover and you don't have to blow your ink cartridge on it.  Plus, you get a REAL piece of mail in your mailbox. That's cool. AND it comes with one of twenty different print-only magic items.  That's in addition to:

  • 24 spells;
  • 24 magic items;
  • 3 monsters;
  • the shaman, a variant druid class;
  • the shaman's spell list, including spells in this issue of Secrets;
  • and an introduction to the Shadowend.

The hardcopy alone is $4, or a hardcopy + pdf of the hardcopy edition (with the ink-blowing cover art, but no sticker on the pdf, they just clutter my screen) for $6. 
I will email  pdfs out regularly, but probably not immediately immediately as soon as you pay, because it's just me sending out emails, not some auto-return thing from Paypal, and I have to sleep n' work n' stuff. I do try to send them ASAP, though, so it'll probably be within 12 hours. I'm also online a lot, so it could be within 5 minutes.

INTERNATIONAL is the same price as regular. The cost differences are minimal, so I can swing it for now, particularly if you get the hardcopy + pdf, which will let you enjoy the pdf while you wait for the envelope.

To order, click on the Paypal button to the right.
Cover and first page of the revised version are pictured below.


  1. How much for International? (Yeah, I'm an Int!)

    1. Did you get my email? I will look into international and get back to you, probably tomorrow evening.

    2. No extra cost for international. The difference in postage is small enough that I can absorb it (.70 cents domestic, $1.15 Canada/Mexico, $2.13 elsewhere). Answer might change if I get a slew of overseas orders, but I don't expect that.

  2. Thanks for offering this - serve me up a hot one!
    If you ever want to talk fulfillment, I do online merch warehousing/fulfillment for Gygax Magazine/TSR, Inc. as well as Burning Wheel HQ (Burning Wheel, Burning Empires, Mouse Guard RPG, FreeMarketRPG, Torchbearer), Tenra Bansho Zero and others :)
    Looking forward to seeing & holding Secrets #1!