Monday, April 21, 2014

Table: Castle Encounters (Roll All the Dice)

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Castle Encounters (Roll All The Dice)
(d4) Castle Lord
1. Magic-User (-1 on d10: Castle Type)
2. Cleric
3. Fighter
4. Fighter (+1 on d10: Castle Type)

(d6) Castle Purpose
1. Dwelling or None (folly)
2. Settlement Defense
3. Roadway Defense or Toll
4. Waterway Defense or Toll
5. River Crossing Defense or Toll
6. Border Defense

(d8) Castle Status
1. Ruined/Abandoned
2. Deserted (monsters)
3. Occupied (civilians/locals)
4. Fortified (monsters or bandits)
5. Fortified (outpost; -2 on d10: Castle Type)
6-7. Fortified (lord in service to local ruler)
8. Fortified (lord independent of local ruler)

(d10) Castle Type
1. Moat House
2. Tower
3. Monastery
4. Small Shell Keep
5. Large Shell Keep
6. Small Walled Castle with Keep
7. Medium Walled Castle with Keep
8. Concentric Castle
9. Large Walled Castle with Keep
10. Fortress Complex

(d12) Castle Surroundings Encounter
1-2. Castle servants
3. Castle lord or lady & entourage
4. Castle lord or lady sneaking out or in for secret rendezvous
5. Guardian monster
6. Beggar(s) looking for charity
7. Merchants or tradesmen
8. Knight
9. Pilgrims
10. Farmers bringing produce or livestock to castle
11. Castle patrol
12. Monster or force hostile to castle

(d20) Castle Features
1. Castle is magical or enchanted
2. Castle’s lord is magical or enchanted
3. Castle constructed of unusual materials (brick, living plants, iron, brass, horn, bone, crystal)
4. Castle is disguised as something else (different type, different status, natural feature, hidden by illusion, etc)
5. Castle is in conflict with another force (local conflict, rebellion, war)
6. Castle possesses notable feature or item
7. Castle has two or more lords (roll 1d6 and compare to Table 1: if result is 5-6, add one lord and roll again)
8. Castle has notable history, legend, or prophecy
9. Castle’s lord has notable history, legend, or prophecy
10. Castle’s lord is of a different race than expected (monster-fortified castle led by an elf lord; vassal hobgoblin lord in human kingdom; etc.)
11. A celebration is underway at the castle (birth, wedding, tournament, fair).
12. Castle’s lord is holding a hostage for political purposes.
13. Castle is a prison for a powerful creature.
14. Castle is laboring under a curse
15. Castle is a secret refuge for a persecuted sect, faith, clan, or race.
16. A tragedy is underway at the castle (murder, plague, flood)
17. Castle inhabitants are divided into different factions and engaged in a “cold” war just short of rebellion
18. Castle’s lord is absent and castle is in disarray.
19. Castle’s lord is not as seems (doppelganger; polymorphed dragon; monster)
20. Castle is actually a construct or living creature disguised as a castle (mimic; 500 stone golems; etc.)

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