Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bonus content from Strange Races

This is a small set of races that wound up on stickers on the backs of some of the copies of Strange Races. I'm rather fond of them, and will probably expand the setting a little bit in the future. It's north and a bit west of the Feathered Realm.

Akephaloi: The akephaloi are a humanoid race with their faces on their chests. They are broad of build, and live in underground caverns excavated from the earth. They are a friendly and hospitable people that prefer peace, but strong warriors, and even stronger earth-mages well able to defend themselves against anyone that favors war.

Aten: An elegant race with silver-hued skin, violet hair, and golden eyes. They were once ruled an empire, but were overthrown and now live surrounded by the crumbling remnants of their glory. They have minor psychic abilities and are gifted mimics. They have fallen far, and now do whatever they have to to survive.

Jouri: A pale skinned race, with red hair and yellow, cat-like eyes. They are tall and lean, with grim expressions and an indomitable nature. They claim to have been the aristocracy of an great kingdom, but no trace of this land remains. They are rare in this age, and live only in the ancient city of Imre, in the desolate northern mountains. Their natural craft is war, from martial combat to poison, and they work as mercenaries.

Ordali: They are short and slight of build, with serpentine hair. They have organized, logical minds, and are proficient engineers and musicians. They were once servants of another race, but rebelled and escaped en masse. They worship the god that led the revolt and brought them to freedom, and clerics have great power among them.

Tumae: A tall, sturdy race of humanoids with golden skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. They live in small underground city-states, but travel frequently and have established many hostels, inns, and waystations where they meet and trade information. They have an affinity for magic, and their rulers are powerful but corrupt magicians.

Verex: A large, ogre-like race with spines in their scalp and arms. They are violent raiders that inhabit the western plains beyond the mountains. Although verex raiding is frequent, the various tribes are scattered and disunified, so they rarely form hordes large enough to pose a serious threat. They worship an eclectic and bloodthirsty pantheon headed by a thunder god. The jouri of Imre are the only people to have defeated the verex on every occasion, and the verex fear them accordingly.

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