Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Warding Hills & the White Hills

Last night I started off cleaning & organizing papers, and ended up reading through a bunch of my old Shadowend information. This seems to happen every few years, and helps remind me of the parts of this hobby I really enjoy. So hopefully there'll be some new material soon, possibly including a redraw of the map - I feel like some things need to move around a bit. ;)

In the meantime, have some hills.
(Edit: I just realize I'd posted the White Hills about five years ago. In my defense, it was five years ago. Still, Toadstone Hall is new.)

Warding Hills
These hills define the boundary between the Woodmarch and the Glittering Plain. Many of the hills are bald or partially so, the granite crowns exposed after many centuries of grazing and erosion. Numerous human thorps and gnomish warrens are tucked away in secluded valleys, along with goblin and kobold redoubts. The highlands are thick with the ruins of keeps, holds, castles, and dungeons; despite the fall of Asavar the Warding Hills are close enough to Roen and the Greenvale to foster settlement by those seeking seclusion but not exile.

Ierisstone Tower: Lodged deep in the hills, Ierisstone Tower is the lair of a very old, and very cunning, feathered manticore known as Truest. The tower is little more than a hollow shaft leading into a stone-roofed crevasse where Truest dens along with a small band of indigo-skinned goblins and several lascivious harpies. The harpies are a recent addition with a fondness for stealing children, a trait that Truest is trying to curb before it brings unwanted attention.

Warding Guard: This sprawling fortress lies in the southern hills, at the very edge of the Glittering Plain. Roenish soldiers stationed here patrol the southern verge of the hills and protect the hillthorps that seek their aid. Adventurers of every ilk are actively recruited here for missions into the Plain, to gather information or subvert, delay, or destroy any possible threats.

White Hills
These chalky hills are threaded with gnomish warrens, and the White Hills form the center of gnomish power in the Woodmarches. Travel here is swift and pleasant if the little folk are pleased with you, and nearly impossible if you have offended them or worse. A number of giant owls nest in the hills, and the gnomes have alliances with them, granting them the ability to fly swiftly and safely over the terrain to warn other gnomes or seek reinforcements if necessary. Gnomish control is not complete here, however, and a number of warrens and dungeons have been abandoned or lost over the years, primarily to magical or underground forces.

Toadstool Hall: An old but stately manor in the gnomish tradition (ie, mostly underground) located on the edge of the White Hills near Asavar, the lord of Toadstool is an elderly gnomish werebear, and a staunch defender of the region. Toadstool functions as a meeting place for a number of local factions allied against Asavar, including druids, the rangers of Eoghin, Roenish soldiers and patrols from Everglass, and the gnomes themselves.

Volgabaern Warren: The goblins and their allies hold this vast warren (once the gnomish winterhall Cynwualf) in a strategic location in the center of the hills. Attempts by the gnomes to regain the winterhall have met with defeat as the goblins have called upon powerful allies from deep beneath the earth.

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