Game Rules & Notes

Glossary of Terms

Advantage: An advantage is a +2 bonus on a die roll, or -2 penalty on an opponent's die roll, whichever is favorable to the character.
Knack: A knack ability succeeds on a roll of 16 or higher on a 20-sided die.
Skilled: A skilled ability uses the saving throw progression; a roll equal or higher than the character's saving throw succeeds.
Unskilled: An unskilled ability succeeds on a roll of 18 or higher on a 20-sided die.

Ability Scores

Unless otherwise noted, ability bonuses are added to the following:
Strength: Melee weapon damage and feats of might.
Dexterity: Armor Class and feats of agility.
Constitution: Hit points at each level and feats of endurance.
Intelligence: Languages known and feats of knowledge.
Wisdom: ? and feats of intuition.  (saves?)
Charisma: # of henchmen/hirelings and feats of influence.

Special Rules

Riding:  All characters can ride.  Untrained characters must save every round if the horse exceeds a canter, goes over a jump, or is in combat.  Fail = fall.  Skilled characters get a +1 to hit in melee while mounted, which does not stack with class abilities such as Mounted Combat, Swift Combat, or Mounted Warrior.

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