Monday, June 4, 2012

I've been working on random generators over at Abulafia, specifically random class generators. I've largely done the combat class and spellcasting class generators, and will work on the skillful class generator next week.  There's a fine line between too detailed and too generic, but I think it's working out.  Here's a sample of the random combat class:

Name: Moon Striker, Redserpent rager, Ice Striker
Class Themes: Feudal, Primal
Key Abilities: Charisma, Strength
Weapons: swords, swords, swords
Armor: any armor, any shield
Hit Dice: d8 (d6+1)
Special Features: (skill ability), companion (magical beast), attack bonus with clubs, maces, minor spellcasting ability (abjuration), attack bonus against giants

First off, the Feudal/Primal themes make me think Viking.  Charisma and Strength?  A jarl, or leader.  Clearly good with swords; a melee combatant.  Hit points are low.  The companion magical beast is very interesting; the attack bonuses could be changed to sword bonuses, minor abjuration ability could be protective magics, and the attack bonus against giants goes right along with the whole Viking concept.  We'll lose the unallocated skill ability (haven't created that chart yet), up the hit points to d10, and we're pretty close to Beowulf.  I like it.