Monday, August 4, 2014

2 Quick Reviews

I bought a few items on RPG Now a week ago, and had ...mixed results. I don't normally do reviews, but felt I had to say something.  However, I'm going to quickly review all 6 items that I bought, rather than just the bad ones.

One Page Table Number Eight: Woodland Features and Hazards
One Page Table Number Eleven: Mountain and Hill Features and Hazards
PBE Games, written by Mark A. Thomas
Normally $1; bought for .75c apiece on sale.

These are pretty much WYSIWYG. Each  is a single table with 20 entries on a single page. The entries are system neutral, two or three sentences long, and describe a feature or hazard. They are varied and realistic, but not boring, and work well for someone needing to spice up a hexcrawl or overland journey.  I could see myself using them.

16 A grove of trees, all the same kind, breaks the usual forest mix. This place may hold special significance to local intelligent creatures, and its unique appearance makes it a useful landmark.

Layout is good. Not flashy, very functional. I wish the background were white instead of an off-white/light grey tone, for the sake of my printer ink, but they're still printable. At $1 I feel they're a little overpriced; .50c apiece would work for me, but at .75c I'm not disappointed in them.

Summary: 7/10 - Would buy again. Unlikely to buy more at current regular price; would consider buying more as needed at 25% off; will buy more at 50% regular price.