Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dalerain I: Lady of Swords [3e]

(Lady of Swords, Mistress of Blades, Battlemaiden)
Neutral Good Power of the Dalerain
Major AoC: Battle, Skill at Arms, Soldiers
Minor AoC: Women warriors, Protection of the Innocent
Symbol: A pair of longswords crossed in an "X", a hawk, an open-faced helm over a longsword
Allies: Ados, Catil, Uller
Enemies: Ragavar
Avatar: Fighter 20 / Rogue 10 / Wizard 5
Sif appears as a tall, attractive Aesar, with blonde hair in a thick braid, grey eyes, and a steely gaze. She wears chainmail armor, a small shield with a hawk emblazoned on it, and a white longsword. The shield is called Aethinggul, or Unmoving; the longsword is called Matchless.

Sif is the warrior-goddess, the protector of women, and the patron of those who seek more than simple bloodshed. She is the child of Ados and the full sister of Uller, the Archer. Sif, her brother, and Catil, the God of Hammers, formed a triumvirate of hero-deities whose exploits furnished many of the tales and legends told today, as they shaped the world into its current form. She and Talabas the Slaughterer act as lieutenants to Tamati the Warqueen; she is not at all fond of Talabas’s methods, but so far has not deemed it worth risking Tamati’s wrath by actively working against the God of Blood. She is more bold in her stance against the Mad God – together with Catil and Uller, she has twice been responsible for containing Ragavar in his Abyssal prison.

Sif is a concerned, but not protective, deity. She expects self-reliance and fortitude from her followers, not incessant pleas for aid and assistance. She opposes the actions of Talabas the Slaughterer and Tamati in his role as the Strife-bringer, though both she and Talabas serve as Tamati’s lieutenants. She favors action over contemplation. Her favor is sought by both teachers and students of the martial arts, female warriors, and good-aligned soldiers.
Swordlady (Swordlord)
Major Spheres: Grace, Protection, War
Minor Spheres: Death, Life
Favored Weapon: Longsword

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