Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dalerain II: Lord of the Hunt [3e]

(Foreststrider, Lord of the Hunt)
Neutral Power of the Dalerain
Major AoC: Hunting, Archery, Wolves
Minor AoC: Trackers, woodsmen
Symbol: A wolf’s head
Allies: Sif, Catil, Alaron
Enemies: Ragavar, Tuar
Avatar: Druid 10 / Ranger 20
Uller appears as a ten-foot tall man clad in leather, with unkempt beard and hair, and a pair of many-tined antlers sprouting from his head. If he wishes to pass unnoticed among people he takes on a more natural height, and wears a light helm or leather cap to conceal his smaller antlers. In any form he carries a longbow, called Griburhentun, or Hunter’s Reach, and a shortspear called Griburnter, or Final Touch.

Uller is the true brother of Sif, the goddess of battle, and the two of them are the only true full siblings in the Dalerain. In the earlier ages of the Wyrld, he, Catil, and Sif were the primary members in a band of divine heros responsible for many legendary feats. With Catil’s exile, the band fell apart, and it remains to be seen if Uller is interested in renewing his relationship with the Lord of the Forge. Other allies of the Foreststrider include Alaron, Eial, and most unlikely, Maebd. Uller’s relationship with Samaan is carefully neutral – they work together if necessary, but only then. He is bitter enemies with Ragavar, whom he helped to imprison, and Tuar, who has recently taken to challenging Uller’s position with the stalkers and seekers of the world.

The Lord of the Hunt is worshipped by woodsmen, hunters, trackers, trappers, loggers, and anyone who must travel through a wooded region. He is also sought out by archers (whether rangers or not), those who seek to find someone, and (suspected but not confirmed) a few neutral werewolves. Fanes to Uller are most common among the Vanar and Vorisk, and to a lesser degree among the Wiernaug woodfolk. Priests of the Foreststrider tend to be solitary and rugged, often multiclassing as rangers, barbarians, or fighters.
Woodlord (Woodlady)
Domains: Animal, Forest, Strength
Skills: Wilderness Lore
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Bonuses: +2 class bonus to Wilderness Lore

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