Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Elder Host I: The Secret King

(The Secret King, Nightlord)
Power of the Elder Host
Major AoC: Darkness, Secrets, Intrigue, Hoarding of Knowledge, Night, Hatred
Minor AoC: Shadows, Thieves, Power Through Knowledge, Spys
Symbol: A black cloak, a hand holding a black sword (representing Darghin severing Orod's hand), a black snake, a black eagle.
Allies: Nevias, Malis, Sindrym
Enemies: Umoth, Orod, Lias
Darghin stalks the Wyrld in the shape of a common thief or cutthroat, of average height and appearance and middle age. He dresses in dark clothes and always carries his ebony shortsword, Deathcutter, the first weapon to ever taste the blood of a god.

Darghin is the eternal nemesis. For reasons known only to him, the Nightlord has fostered few friendships and many antipathies among the divine host, avoiding mishaps only by solving one after another of the gods' difficulties with his guile and cunning. Only Ados matches or surpasses Darghin's intellect, and none rival his capacity for forethought and planning, a fact that greatly concerns all those drawn into his webs.

The Secret King is worshipped by any who live or work in darkness, thieves, politicians and courtiers, spys, evil wizards, those seeking to imprison, hide, or retain possession of exclusive knowledge, and any seeking power through knowledge (such as blackmailers). His priesthood is a tumultious brew of plots and counter-plots, and Darghin aids only those who aid themselves. Most of his priests are masters at getting others to do their dirty work for them, and many an innocent has been falsely represented by these dark clerics.

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