Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Race: Tieflings! (And still got the $5 sale on)

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UPDATE: I'm too damned tired to make new Paypal buttons, so the sale lives for another day.

I thought it'd be interesting to expand things like tieflings and aasimar to all races, not just humans. OSR rules normally limit nonhuman races through level and class restrictions, but that wasn't going to work here. Rather than impose an XP cap or penalty, I opted to take away the bonus XP from high attributes.  I still have to look at how it interacts with some other Strange Races races, but I think it works.

Here's a draft version of the tiefling.

Tieflings are related to the creatures of Chaos. Some tieflings are born to Chaotic bloodlines hidden in other societies; other tieflings are the result of curses, being favored by a creature of Chaos (often for no discernable reason), or because the tiefling was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s hard to tell with Chaos.

Racial Abilities
Tieflings have all the abilities of their normal race, but must have a starting Dexterity attribute of 13 or higher, and their Maximum Number of Special Hirelings (Charisma Table) is reduced by one. Tieflings can see in the dark (darkvision) with a range of 60 feet. They can cast darkness 15’ radius once per day, and have a +2 bonus to saving throws versus fire attacks. Tieflings advance as members of their normal race, but never gain bonus XP for high attributes, including Charisma.

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