Monday, June 2, 2014

5 Years! 5 dollars! And STRANGE RACES pre-order!

UPDATE 6/8/2014: I'm just got back from a weekend trip, and I'm again too tired to make new buttons...but long enough is long enough, so I'm just pulling the widget down for now. Sale is over. :(  It was WICKED successful, however, and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you everyone!

I'll keep this short and sweet.
  1. May 30th, 2009 was my first post on this blog, so this is the 5th anniversary of this blog, give or take a few days. 
  2. I made Round Two of the OSR Superstar contest. I didn't expect it, so that's pretty awesome.
  3. Secrets #2: Strange Races will be done this week.
  4. My long-arm stapler arrived: I can finally assemble the last copies of Secrets #1 I have around.
SO...I feel pretty good. And when I feel pretty good, I do things I might regret later on. But not much.

Which can now pre-order Secrets #2: Strange Races. PDF copies will go out as soon as things are finalized; print copies will go out middle or end of next week, when I have a chance to get the cover printed.

$5 SALE?
Secrets #1 (print & pdf version) is on sale for $5 instead of $6 for 24 hours. I've got envelopes, issues, and stamps, people. 
Pre-orders of Secrets #2 (print & pdf version) are $5 instead of $6 for 24 hours. Takin' names!
And there's a button to let you order Secrets #1 and Secrets #2 for $10. Because CONVENIENCE.


  1. I hope you'll still have some on Friday. I just got a combination punch from Kickstarter. First it was The Chained Coffin then the Trolls took what was left. It was a financial TPK.

    1. Bummer about that, but I absolutely will have some on Friday. :)