Friday, June 26, 2009

Aithelighin - The Many-Colored Field

The Rainbowed Pavilions, The Many-Colored Field

Symbol: A green pennant on a white field
Ruler: Eira Quileannithal (ef F6/W6)
Major Settlements: Aithelighin*
Population: Elven, gnome (rare), half-elf (rare), human (rare)
Resources: Horses, cloth, mercenaries (cavalry)

Aithelighin is the closest large fair elf settlement to the Woodmarch in the Shadowend Forest. It is set in an area of open woodland, where the great trees form vast, vaulted halls of wood and leaf. The elves have set their tents throughout the halls, each tent festooned with banners, flags, and pennants identifying the tent’s owner, occupants, guests, or nearly anything else one is inclined to display. All of the civilized races are welcome here, and free to participate in any of the tournaments, jousts, and competitions that occur daily. The Many-Colored Field is also the chief stronghold of elven cavalry, and combat from horseback is one of the most tested and valued skills here.

Adventures & Encounters
* Travellers near Aithelighin occasionally encounter elven knights looking for adventure. Most knights travel with a small retinue that includes a minor wizard, a healer or cleric, and several squires and pages. Many knights consider a joust or duel with any worthy opponents they come across a requirement of their honor.

* Aethelighin’s greatest threat comes from Asavar and the Glittering Plain. Goblinkin from the plain frequently raid into the Shadowend. The goblins are considered a relatively mundane threats, but several tribes include worg riders or hobgoblins with giants boars, and others have dangerous allies, including ogres, hill giants, and athach. The fractious powers of Asavar are less aggressive but make travel near their dominions troublesome at best, endangering the Rainbow Pavilions’ link to the Shadowend region.

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