Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dalerain IV: Evergreen King [Dalerain]

Lord of the Green, Evergreen King
Power of the Dalerain
Major AoC: Forests
Minor AoC: Animals, Primacy of Nature over Civilization
Symbol: An oak tree or leaf, a wolf of leaves and branches
Allies: Alaron, Eial
Enemies: Umoth, Ragavar, Urjin
Avatar: Barbarian 5 / Druid 15 / Ranger 15

Samaan usually appears as a eight-foot tall man with a long, stern face, antlers, grey hair and beard, and ragged clothes. In this form he carries a quarterstaff called Soltreow, or One Tree. He may also appear as a antlered dire wolf, or a wolf with leaves and branches in place of flesh and bone.

Samaan spends most of his time in the Wyrld, wandering the forest lands he holds dominion over. He visits Alaron and Eial in their sacred places in the Wyrld, but otherwise prefers to keep to himself. Any divinities seeking council with him must locate and travel to him. His relationship with Uller is respectful but cautious; both powers are dislike interference in their domains, and have clashed on occasion, though these conflicts are rare and brief. He neutrally regards the other elemental powers, notably Aela, Eides, Larril, Tamati, and Linon. He appreciates both destruction and growth as natural and necessary aspects of forest life, but opposes their support of mortal endeavors towards taming the land (or, in Tamati’s case, filling it with bloodshed). The Forest King’s greatest wrath is reserved for deities that twist and destroy the woodlands, most particularly Umoth, Ragavar, and Urjin the Rotted God.

The Lord of the Green is worshipped by those who live in, or make their living from, woodlands and forests. Rangers and barbarians often worship him, and forest druids may leave offerings at his shrines and holy sites in addition to their own worship of the Wyrld. Undead are regarded as unnatural, but only singled out for destruction when they become a hazard to the forest life.

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