Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dalerain III: Queen of Celebration [3e]

Lady of the Grape and Bottle, the Whimful Goddess, Queen of Celebration

Power of the Dalerain
Major AoC: Wine, Impulsiveness, Acting, Drama
Minor AoC: Vineyards, Drunks, Fools, Actors
Symbol: A flagon overflowing with grapes, an upside-down rabbit.
Allies: Gwydion, Linon, Tlazis
Avatar: Bard 25
Maebd appears as a small woman, with long, dark, curled hair, flashing green eyes, and rosy cheeks. She favors low-cut gowns that threaten an explosion of bosom with every move she makes, and always carries a flagon, tankard, flask, cup, stein, or goblet. She also carries a small knife, usually concealed beneath her skirts. The goblet is known as Solesus, or One too Many, and the knife is Jolinfil, or Joypricker. Maebd does not dally in faint emotions; she is overwhelming in her joy, towering in her anger, drowning in her tears, and exhausting in her passion.

The Queen of Celebration is the daughter or Linon, the Lord of the Fields, and half-sister to Noluan, the Lord of Sails. She is on good terms with her father, but relations between her and Jaerana, the goddess of the hearth, are restricted to the proper preparation of brewing ingredients. Reunions with her half-brother are boisterous revels. She is likewise on good terms with the Temptress, Tlazis, and is fervently, flagrantly, in love with Uller…except when she’s not. Few of the gods find her worthy offensive or dangerous enough to consider an enemy.

The Whimful Goddess is worshipped by vinters, bartenders, drunks, enchanters, actors, thrill-seekers, daredevils, and party-goers. Her priests are flamboyant and outgoing (and even more so after a few morning drinks to get the day started). Evil priests may be malicious in their actions, selling fouled or tainted bottles of wine, but most clerics are innocent of any true darkness (though, to be warned…the darkest of her priests are the best at hiding in the light).

Domains: Charm, Chaos, Luck, Madness, Plant.
Skills: Bluff, Profession (farmer, winemaker).
Favored Weapon: Club
Bonuses: +2 class bonus to saves vs nonmagical poisons.

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