Sunday, October 28, 2012

Artifacts & Items of Power

Culm: A medium shield crafted all of iron, Culm bears no emblem.  Any attempt to paint or inscribe an emblem on the shield is destroyed the first time the shield is wielded in combat.
When Culm blocks a blow in combat, the shield reverberates and booms like thunder.  The wielder and anyone standing behind him are immune to the effects of these cacophony; those in front are not so lucky.
If the wielder strikes Culm with his weapon, or beats on it like a drum,  Culm sends forth low, rolling peals of thunder capable of instilling a potent magical fear in the enemy and sending them fleeing.  If Culm is struck by an opponent, the thunder is far more potent.  The weapon which struck the shield is often destroyed, and the weapon's wielder is wounded and deafened by the noise.  Those in the area of Culm also suffer injury, and may be struck deaf as well. 

Iedain, Crown of Songs: This fabled headpiece resembles no conventional crown.  Said to be formed of songs made solid, the Crown of Songs appears as a band of shimmering light, broken by 9 evenly-spaced transparent crystals.  A 10th crystal hangs over the bearer's head, and lines of magical force link it to the 9 crystals about the band.  The Crown grants the ability to sing without flaw or imperfection, and that singing can charm women and men, bring the beasts of field and forest, and even bind the emotionless creatures of the elements to the bearer's will.  The Crown of Songs is said to be a seductive artifact, however, and those careless with it may find themselves to sing more and more frequently as they grow to love their own voice above anything, until they eventually waste away, unable to stop singing for a moment.
Iedain may also be recognized by the soft and gentle murmur of voices that surround it; these voices are soothing in the extreme, and if the Crown is masterless, the voices often bring an enchanted sleep on those who encounter it, leaving them easy prey for less intelligent and susceptible predators.
Tetallia Silver-Tongued was the last known bearer of the Crown of Songs; she frequented the Hollow Land hunting linwurms in the Kameurhorns until her death in an unknown lair.

Telsingem: A longspear with an distinctive curved blade, Telsingem was crafted by a faerilven runesmith over a thousand years ago.  The shaft is of a dark brown wood as hard as iron; the blade is iron intermingled with mithril, streams of brown in a gleaming silver surface.
Telsingem has long circulated in the Reachlands.  It is was last in the possession of Kurmolt of Kurmolt’s Band, a mercenary/adventuring company that disappeared in the Woodmarches a decade ago.
       Telsingem is a +2 longspear that grants the wielder a +5 circumstance bonus to Balance, Jump, and Tumble checks when in hand.


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