Saturday, June 29, 2013

Motivate Me (woof woof)

I've added a Donate button to the sidebar, in lieu of a "pay what you will" option for the Basic Illusionist on RPG Now or some other source.

Disclaimer: I love honesty, particularly when it's coming from me and not at me, and so I feel good saying that I promise to use any and all money received for whatever my heart desires, including, but not limited to, my wishlist at RPG Now, my wishlist at Amazon, Russian matryoshka dolls, Russian mail-order brides, large quantities of caffeine, and touring the great American countryside in a caravan.


  1. You have to Verify your PayPal account, FYI.

  2. Yeah, apparently so. Well, that's fine. I'll do it in a bit.
    Huh. Paypal gives me your address. You're less than two hours away. (I'm just north of Ithaca).
    Anyways, thank you! Now back to those matryoshka dolls....

  3. Anytime you want to run a game, I'll be there.

    ...In, like, two hours.


  4. (Did you get my donation? It wasn't much, but I'm going through a "I'm broke" phase right now.)

  5. I'm in the process of "getting verified" right now. Paypal wanted info that I don't keep at this desk, and so naturally, I never remembered to get until today.

    I've been going through an "I'm broke" phase for the last six years, so believe me, I'm grateful for anything and everything! :)