Friday, June 7, 2013

Setting Snippet: Mhajapor IV (Radamalya, The Treasure Island of the Dragon King, Xeochan)

                Haunted, isolated, and feared are but a few of the words most often used to described the second-largest island in the Mhajapor Archipelage.  An elongated oval shape, Radamalya's southern tip stretches to within 40 miles of Ni-kiowa's eastern penninsula, while its northern end arcs eastward, following the gentle curve of its volcanic spine.  Radamalya has not suffered the intense volcanic activity of Dhonai, however, and its central mountains are low, with rounded peaks.  Geothermal activity underlying the island has created hundreds of hot springs, mud pools, and tar pits, many rich with chemicals and compounds inimical to normal life.

The Treasure Isle of the the Dragon King
                One of the lesser isles, this fabled isle would be scare worth a mention, save that it’s sworn fact in the Mhajapor’s that this island, the treasury of the Dragon King of Ni’hon, actually exists.  The treasure of the Ni’honese Imperium is hidded somewhere in the southern reachs of the Mhajapors, guarded by ancient dragons.  Not surprisingly, no one posts of looting it…though many have been lost in the attempt.

                Xeochan is a small (1 mile diameter) island in the north-west corner of the archipelago.  From the ocean, it appears as no more than a green mound resting on the sea, as Xeochan has no beaches and the cloaking jungle extends into the sea itself.
                Cautious exploration, though, has revealed a startling fact.  The entire island has been shaped into a pyramid of distinctly Amixica origins, and the unusual red-veined ivory marble of the island, unlike any other in the archipelago, has been found on other islands as far away as Dhonai and Radamalya (roughly 200 miles), where it was used to 'shell' other Amixica pyramids.
                Questioning of the Amixica natives of Mhajapor reveals an ancient myth of a Temple of Heaven, where noble rulers and their families, high priests of the Amixicas, and powerful religous wizards were laid to rest over the course of four centuries.  Abandonment of the temple corresponds to the decline of Amixica civilization in the archipelago and elsewhere five hundred years ago.

                Adventurers have penetrated to the third level of this temple, and believe many more lie below.  Those who have returned sport ancient armor of beaten gold and copper (strengthened by many magical enchantments), jewelry of antique design, precious shells, gems, and trade bars from long ago.  They also carry warning of the veritable legions of undead that roam the lower levels of the temple, led by mummies of tremendous power.


  1. Sounds as though anyone daring to explore the lower levels of Xeochan need to take along a Radiant Servant of Pelor. ;)

    I'm just saying!

    Nice sites, Nate, thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes indeed! And I just realized that the entries are missing material, so I'll post some revised/expanded stuff soon. That looks like all I have on Xeochan, though.