Friday, July 3, 2009

Hasty History

From Long Ago to Now

* ? Elder Host enters world, everything starts, etc, etc.
* -3000? Sidhe create the Sundered Sea.
* -2000 Height of "Old Power"; Doradin, Illendia, Honduar, and allied kingdoms face down the Far Ice and similar great evils and defeat them...for a time.
* -1500 Illendia (elves/Shadowend Forest) come into conflict with Nekiarn (magocracy/Glittering Plain); House Lands (half-elves/Greenvale) lie between them.
* -1300 Honduar fails and is lost to the Far Ice.
* -1200 Illendia and Nekiarn collapse; Glittering Plain is formed; elves abandon Illendia.
* -1000 House Lands slowly fade; minor kingdoms start to form in the Greenvale.
* -800 Amerite Empire and the Black Legion enter the Shadowend region; Greenvale falls under Amerite control; beginnings of the Hundred Kingdoms.
* -500 Dorandin begins to weaken.
* -400 Amerite Empire collapses; Greenvale/Woodmarch kingdoms emerge.
* -200 Dorandin falls; becomes Dore & Innergild
* -125 Height of Greenvale/Woodmarch kingdoms; Larenyss & Arramor
* -100 Te speaks for the second time since the beginning of the World, loosing great evils upon the world.
* -85 Queen of Larenyss disappears.
* -75 Greenvale/Woodmarch kingdoms splinter; Roane, Guanes, Kestrellar, Everglass, Romagna, Asavar
* -50 Fall of Asavar; establishment of Celadan
* -15 Queen of Larenyss reappears amid chaos and conflict; flees east and establishes Shalaen; current rulership of Larenyss refuses to recognize her legitimacy. Larenyss splinter-states stay neutral.
* 0 Current day.

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