Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten Old Wizards

Old Wizards Rhyme

Ten old wizards, asleep beneath the hill;
Far from Grim Lord’s icy touch, yet they feel his chill.

Nine old wizards, in barrows 'round the land;
Each is sealed in earth & stone, marked with emerald brand.

Eight old wizards, with terror they did reign;
Wake them in their stony beds, and power they'll regain.

Seven old wizards, truenames long since dead;
Raise them up from ancient bones, and then strike off their heads.

Six old wizards, feared beyond the sea;
All of them crossed over, back came only three.

Five old wizards, brought from lands afar;
Masters of strange magics, mages without par.

Four old wizards, rebellion they did plot;
Freedom from their lady's call, this is what they sought.

Three old wizards, siblings from the womb;
Far apart they do lie, each in their own tomb.

Two old wizards, married in the morning dew;
If one rises up, the other one will too.

One old wizard, dark queen's heir;
Many men she's led to death, with her looks most fair.

No old wizards, from sleep they have been led;
The Fallen have been loosed, and now we are all dead.

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