Monday, July 13, 2009

Signing in and out

So, anytime I click a "sign in" link, I go to the Dashboard and find myself already signed in. But if I go back to my blog, I've still got the "sign in" message in the corner and I can't comment. I can post without a problem, I just can't comment. I've tried via google and via livejournal, and both just delete my comments.

update: I just signed out and in, and same deal. I can post and edit, not comment. Even viewing my own blog.

Back to substantive posts tomorrow. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hmm. I find if I'm using Google Reader to read blogs I follow, then click on a "Show original item" link, I'm sent to the blogs post page and I'm NOT signed in (as noted in the top right corner). If I click up there, I go to my Dashboard and I AM signed in. If you use the "back" button of your browser to back up one page to the blog you were reading, it still shows you signed out. If, instead, on your Dashboard, you scroll down to the Blogs I Follow section and go to a blog post from there, you stay signed in.

    I can't recall having a problem at my own blog though. Curious. Good Luck figuring it all out!