Sunday, July 19, 2009

High Hills

High Hills: The High Hills have drawn the interest of adventurers, explorers, and monsters for centuries. The steep terrain and labyrinthian valleys are natural defenses against intrusion, providing a certain guarantee of solitude to those seeking seclusion or protection. The valleys are filled with mature woodlands, well-watered and fertile, but the hills are stark places, with many expanses of bare stone where travellers are exposed to watching eyes, and stony slopes where the slightest misstep can trigger a rockslide. Even in the narrowest portions, no safe trail leads through the High Hills.

The spine of the High Hills is marked by five mountains. Mount Tathallar is the highest and best known of these, but Ruandir’s Crown (in the south), the Twins, and Kiend Peak (in the north) each have their own secrets and threats. Wyverns and dragonnels are found along the length of the High Hills, as are other high-flying creatures, including perytons, manticores, and giant eagles. Fhmor, ogres, athach, and other giantish races make their homes in deep regions of the Hills, including a powerful tribe of fire giants who have settled an ancient dwarven hold deep in the roots of Kiend Peak.

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