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Society of the Oerth Dragon [3e] [Greyhawk]

The Greyhawk content is special for grodog.
This was the start of an article for the Oerth Journal detailing 4 martial arts societies in Greyhawk. However, I never finished the Society of the Bear, Fellowship of Empty Hands (Kurell), or Brothers of the Wolf. The martial arts benefits are based on the 3e Oriental Adventures book. The file date on this was 7/4/04, so it's been a few years...

Oh, and the complete pdf, including the prestige class and suggested multiclass advancement tables (which are not below), is available here: http://shadowend.pbworks.com/f/Society%20of%20the%20Oerth%20Dragon.pdf

Society of the Oerth Dragons
The Society of the Oerth Dragons is dedicated to the rise of the Flan people and gods as the principal powers in the Flanaess. A widespread and secretive organization, the Society promotes social upheaval and the overthrow of the “illegitimate (non-Flan) rulers” of the kingdoms of the Flanaess. They believe the tactic of quiet acquiesence and withdrawal has failed, and have formed close ties to the priesthoods of Incabulous, Nerull, and Obad-hai to widen their influence and range of activities. The Society also worships a host of primal nature spirits known as oerth dragons they believe have been lulled into slumber beneath the Oerth. They hope to awaken the spirits to inspire the Flan to rise up against the Suel and Oeridians.

The Society of the Oerth Dragons is spread thinly over the Flanaess. It seeks supporters in countries striven by war and civil dissent, avoiding strong racial prejudices, but preaching to the peasants and common folk of overthrowing their “illegimate” ruler and instituting the true, natural, and just ruler. Exactly who is illegitimate and who is not is often vague; the Society prefers small steps to grandiose gestures. They may agitate against a baron and promote his cousin; neither being aware of the Society or allied to its goals, but useful to the Society in the larger game of swords and thrones.

Full members of the society take on different roles in accordance with their talents and inclinations. Those with a flair for inspiration and leadership move through the countryside as the leaders, instigators, and motivators of dissension. Others find places in courts across the land, influencing policy and encourage instability. Those least inclined to deception and intrigue live life as bandits and pirates, disrupting trade and safe travel.

The goals of the Society of the Oerth Dragons are the dissolution of the current kingdoms of the Flanaess (with the possible exception of Tenh and Perrenland), the return of civilization in the Flanaess to a more pastoral state of interlinking villages and the abandonment of cities, and the ascendency of the Flan pantheon (Allitur, Berei, Beory, Incabulous, Iuz, Nerull, Obad-hai, Pelor, Rao, and Zodal) and spirits (the Oerth Dragons) to the preeminent place in the hierarchy of the deities. They do not agree with Iuz’s tactics or wish to live under his rule, but they acknowledge his place in the Flan pantheon and his right to rule his kingdom as he wishes. A few leaders of the Society have reached out the the remants of the Horned Society in hopes of garnering their aid.

The Society grows in areas torn by strife and war, particularly those that have undergone traumatic changes in rulership. Their efforts are currently concentrated in the former Great Kingdom and the western lands of the Sheldomar Valley, two regions where many people have been uprooted and are desperate for anything to lend a sense of stability and security. To these people, regardless of race, the Society promises safety and protection under a new ruler. At the same time, agents in the courts undermine the authority of the current rulers, often working with bandits to disrupt the flow of money and trade (often diverting it to commoners in the region, buying their support). As trade becomes more difficult and money scarce, the Society forments rebellion, and finally, if all is successful, places a ruler on the throne more amenable to Society goals. These puppets are usually not even aware of the Society’s existence.

The Society also opposes the Scarlet Brotherhood at every opportunity. Though they often have similar methods and tactics, the two are irrevocably at odds. The Society’s greatest amusement right now is their success at placing agents within the ranks of the Brotherhood government in the Hold of the Sea Princes and Onnwall.

Full members of the Society of the Oerth Dragons (as opposed to the pawns they use), are split evenly between monks, wizards, and clerics, with many multiclassed members. The Society is led by an inner cult known as the Stone Dragons; these powerful characters combine spellcasting with unarmed martial skill and mastery of a fighting style unique to the Society. Most clerics of the Society worship the host of nature spirits known as the Oerth Dragons, and believe these spirits to have been imprisoned beneath the Oerth by an assemblage of Suel and Oeridian divinities at the beginning of the great migrations. Most of these spirits remain trapped, though a few have sundered their bonds or escaped imprisonment in the first place. The Oerth Dragon of the Drachensgrab Hills is the best known of these.

A dragon coiled beneath a mountain

Stone Dragon Mastery

You have mastered the martial arts style of “Stone Dragon” – a hard/soft form emphasizing immobility and defense.
Prerequisites: Dodge, Combat Reflexes, Hold the Line*, Combat Expertise, Defensive Strike*, Improved Trip, Defensive Throw*, Improved Unarmed Strike, Earth’s Embrace*.
*Starred feats are found in the Complete Warrior.

Mastery Benefit: Once per day, you can make yourself unmovable. You automatically win an opposed strength check when an opponent attempts to bull rush you. A creature with the improved grab ability must move into your space to grapple you, since it cannot pull you into its space. No spell or other effect can force you to move. If you become frightened or panicked, you suffer the full effect of the fear but do not run away. You cannot move, even to make a 5-foot step, while this ability is in effect. This ability lasts for 1 round per character level, but you can end it at any time.

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