Saturday, June 27, 2009


Eltplanz: Rocky, cold, and desolate, the Eltplanz lies on the north bank of the River Ylg, between Barvanigar and Coldstone, and north to Kaulderzhun. It was once a frequent battleground between the forces of Doradin and the orcish hordes of the Kameurhorns, but the fall of the Highhold ended human occupation and the hordes now pass through it at will. Orcs driven from the Horns have dug out warrens beneath ruined villages and keeps, and packs of gnolls skulk in the tumbled ruins.

Kaern Torn – Between the Gonenfall Forest and the Shrouded Peaks, Hill Castle was one of the anchors of Dorandin defense. The fortress eventually fell to a monstrous horde of orcs, ogres, and giants, but none of Kaerzin Torn’s notable treasures or weapons have ever been recovered or even seen in the centuries since then. Much of the fortress was destroyed, but the central keep and curtain walls still stand.

Kaern Mus - Castle Mouse overlooks the River Yls near Barvanigar and is kept in good repair by the orcs and brigands of the area. Tunnels and caverns in the bluff below Kaerzin Mus reportedly include passages below the river and possibly into Barvanigar itself, a serious threat to the security of the town.

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