Friday, June 5, 2009

Zephyr [Monster] [0e]


Zephyrs are minor spirits of elemental air. Some sages describe them as young or immature air elementals, though it is unclear whether this is accurate or even possible. Zephyrs are naturally invisible, detectable only as a slight breeze contrary to the existing winds. They are smart enough to understand and speak languages, but are impulsive and prone to mischief. Zephyr naturally manifest in areas of chaotic winds, and can be conjured with a monster summoning I spell. They have a natural ability to cast suggestion (as the spell, except the effect only lasts 1 turn), which they often use to cause difficulty or create embarrassing situations. A zephyr summoned by a monster summoning I spell can be commanded to use this ability, but is released (though not necessarily dispelled) from the summoning after using this ability once.

Zephyr: HD 1d4, AC 2 [17], Atks 1 strike (1hp), Move (Fly 24), Save 18, CL/XP A/5

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