Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NOT THE OSR Superstar Map

So the OSR Superstar competition has wrapped up, more or less. I forget what actually happened, but I was unable to submit an entry in the final round. I did complete the map (again, more or less), but not the adventure. Turns out this is a complete and utter fabrication. This is a DIFFERENT map based on a partial that Dyson posted months ago. I worked on it around the same time as the OSR map, and got the two confused in my head. Bugger.

I haven't looked at this for about 9 months, but I really like how the map came out. There are discrete areas, but it's possible to reach all of them from within the dungeon. The multiple levels worked out well, and I like how the grid changes orientation as it crosses the chasm. I think I'll find this and work it up for my current campaign. This part is true. I do like it.

OK, I've had questions about the levels, which are confusing and aggravated by the fact that I didn't finish the hatching or some details. There are 4 levels. The stream flows from center left (the conch cave) and exits the map at lower left.

Level 1, the bottom level, is the chasm floor and the stream. From the chasm you can go upstream to the "conch cave" (upper left) and take the ladders to level 4; up a secret trapdoor or ramp to level 2; climb or fly to the bridge at level 3; and climb or fly to the broken passages at level 4.

Level 2 is the complex in the upper right. It has a secret trapdoor down to the stream passage; an exterior entrance; and a passage into the chasm that descends a ramp to the chasm floor.

Level 3 has a secret exterior entrance at upper left, and another at lower right, which should probably have some kind of ledge outside since it's higher than the level 2 entrance. It crosses the chasm via a built stone bridge. A flight of stairs leads to level 4, or you can jump off the bridge into the chasm, or off the room that crumbled into the statue alcove off the chasm.

Level 4 is at the bottom of the map, and reached via the stairs from level 3, or ladders in the conch chamber, or by climbing/flying up the chasm. The stream and chasm have shifted since the construction, destroying some of the hallways and making the top complex a little less secret. I think there is supposed to be a rope bridge over one section, though.

The chasm initially was supposed to be wholly underground, but I'm leaning towards it being open right now. It lends a different dynamic to the place. If the chasm is open, the large alcove with the statue is covered, as is the section at upper right above the ramp.

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