Monday, March 23, 2015

Village map WIP 3

At this point, the map is basically done. There are parts that I might go back and redo (the glory of scanning, people!), but it has all the elements I wanted to include.

I started doing the roofs on the left, then the upper portion, ending in the upper right last night. This morning I went out and bought a .005 pen, and finished the center/right section. I think the later bit looks a lot better, so I may roll back a stage or two and redo the earlier roofs. Since I have scanned at several points, I can actually print a "clean copy", only do the roofs I want redone, and merge the two versions in photoshop.

I'm not wild about the stippling either. That's something to play with. I tried to use it to denote grassed or (relatively) untrammeled areas, but there aren't that many in the village. Flipping it, and using the stippling to mark the paths and streets, might work better, but I suspect it will make it too busy.

There aren't a lot of woods, so it's fine.

I'm VERY happy with the river; less so with the sides of the gorge it's in.

The hillsides came out pretty well. I'm going to GENTLY darken the bottom a bit; the bottom left corner of the map keeps drawing my eye, so I'll try to extend the effect around.

Overall, though...I'm OK with it. ;)

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