Thursday, January 23, 2014

Breaking Items Rules for S&W (rough draft)

Open Doors Method
Items have a rating of Fragile, Standard, Sturdy, Very Sturdy, and Extremely Sturdy. For Fragile items, roll a d4; Normal items roll d6; Sturdy items roll d8; Very Sturdy roll d10; and Extremely Sturdy roll d12.  Each result equal or less than the character's Open Doors chance on the Strength attribute table indicates a success. Fragile items require only one success; Normal and Sturdy items require two successes; Very Sturdy items require three successes; and Extremely Sturdy items require four successes to destroy. Each attempt takes at least a round, and possibly more.

An item can be damaged or disabled with one less success than is required to break it (automatically for Fragile items; one for Normal and Sturdy items, two for Very Sturdy; three for Extremely Sturdy items). A conventional roll to open a door in S&W disables a Normal item.

Glass, paper, and fine pottery are Fragile.
Most manufactured items (furniture, doors) are Standard.
Stronger wooden items (hammers, walls) are Sturdy.
Stone items and thin metal items are Very Sturdy.
Metal items are Extremely Sturdy.

Different materials might shift an item's rating up or down from "normal", or impose a minus (benefit) or plus (penalty) the character's Open Doors roll.

Save Method
Instead of the character rolling to break an item, items have a Saving Throw value and a required number of failed saves, as follows:
Fragile 20 (1 failure)
Normal 15 (2 failures)
Sturdy 10 (2 failures)
Very Sturdy 5 (3 failures)
Extremely Sturdy 2 (4 failures)
Once an item has failed the indicated number of saves, it is destroyed.

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