Saturday, January 25, 2014

Magically Itemish Stuff

I've been converting magic items recently; a change of pace from working on spells.  A few observations:

  • If you see the words "+x circumstance bonus to [skill]", just move on. (Same for spells, actually.) 9 times out of 10 it's not worth it.
  • It's not worth cutting and pasting either. If one follows the format of the rule book, most item descriptions are one line. Just rewrite the thing.
  • Those one line descriptions are really perfunctory. It makes me a little sad. I might go through and spruce them up. 
  • It's a lot harder to find good collections of magic items than good collections of spells. Most magic items collections are themed.
  • The thornshield was (I think) one of the few items rejected from my Dragon magazine article (Gnomish magical items, #272) and the only thing (out of 30 or so) accepted by Bastion Press for their Arms & Armor book. Weird. (And that's the sum total of my paid RPG writing profession, folks. In hindsight, Dragon paid pretty darned well.)

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  1. Interesting.

    That part about your item thornshield is somewhat funny/weird. Accepted by one, rejected by the other.