Saturday, May 24, 2014

Link: More Races

I don't really do reviews, but I will do suggestions.

If you're interested in races, Stuart Marshall has a great article in Footprints 21, with the following races.
Human Subraces: Amazon, Atlantean, Citizen of the Celestial Empire, Northman, Pict, Southman.
Gnome Subraces: Fir Bolg, Fir Domnan, Gailioin.
Dwarf Subraces: Domovoy, Leshiy, Vodnik, Vozdushniy
Elf Subraces: Polder elf, Warden elf, Liminal elf
Half-Elf races: Changeling (elf-brood), Changeling (man-brood)

These are obviously drawn from folklore for the most part, and are pretty interesting adaptations; much less conventional than most D&D races.  I'm not wholly convinced that there aren't good folkloric possibilities for halflings (that's what I consider domovii and related spirits, for instance), but that's a difference of opinion, not a flaw in the article.

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  1. Very, very cool. Whatever happened to that Stuart Marshall fella? It's like after he invented the OSR logo he took his pile of funny money and retired to some remote uncharted isle.