Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Game / Campaign

We had the first session of the new game last night, and contrary to what I expected, we ended up going hardcore 3.5. Starting characters? 3rd level gestalts. I don't have a problem with this, although my brain was a bit more exhausted than I would have liked and poring through pdfs looking for just the right feat & spell (to overcome, at least in part, a Wisdom of 6) got old eventually. I won't be able to make the next session, so I've got two weeks to wrap up the little details. Suits me. I'm half-a-decade out of touch with this stuff.

Apparently my silence was stressing the DM out, though. I told him I'd talk more as I got accustomed to the character.

For those playing along at home, we're currently a party of 4, with a (lesser) tiefling beguiler/swashbuckler, a kenku (athasian) bard/?, a half-orc barbarian, and an aasimar druid. I'm the tiefling.

The interesting part is going to be translating the characters to Swords & Wizardry.  It's actually not terrible, but it should be interesting. The druid might be the most problematic - shapeshifting is a really big part of the modern druid, but a much smaller part of older druids, particularly mine.

I'm going to use a 13-15/+1, 16-17/+2, 18/+3 ability score/bonus scheme, with d20 knacks and skills swiped from Pars Fortuna.  Boons will be used instead of feats. Just need to write up a few classes to match the martial classes from last year.

We've also discussed playing Adventures of the Space Princess, but not quite yet I think.

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