Monday, May 26, 2014

New Race: Ling & Brute Ling

The ling are an ancient, brutal race that live in the deep mountains. Ling exist in three forms: the brute ling, the first ling, and the advanced ling. Brute lings are hairy, apelike creatures that dwell in caves, caverns, and crude shelters. Periodically a “first ling” will be born into brute ling tribe; this marks the start of a rapid transformation in the tribe. The birthrate increases dramatically, and all of the children born subsequently are first ling. First ling are close to human in appearance, but with a broader face and longer fingers. They instinctively understand technology, and in the course of a few years construct weapons and fortifications; sometimes using these as bases from which to raid surrounding lands and capture slaves.

Eventually, advanced ling are born to the first ling. They are tall, nearly hairless creatures with blue-tinted skin and the unshakeable conviction that they are the pinnacle of life. Advanced ling understand magic and technology as the first ling understood construction, smithing, and warcraft. Advanced ling often create floating citadels and other wonders during their time, but are mostly interested in creature comforts and a life of leisure. They see brute ling as nothing more than guard beasts, and first ling as servants, roles both races are happy to play. Non-ling are fit for nothing more than slaves. Unfortunately, advanced ling cannot breed with other ling, and invariably seek other means of circumventing their fate, usually by kidnapping members of other races and using them to breed half-ling hybrids. Most of the results of these unions are brute lings, but monstrosities of various sorts are common. The advanced ling, frustrated by their failure to extend their line, fall into depression. Many commit suicide. Invariably the advanced ling civilization fails, the first ling die off, and the brute ling return to their caves and caverns until the cycle starts again.

Brute Ling
Brute lings are stooped, hairy, ape-like creatures with blue-tinted white fur. Their technology barely extends to fire; they cannot make armor and their most advanced weapons are crude spears and clubs. They lair in cavern complexes in isolated mountain ranges, doing little more than breeding and eating until a first ling is born. Brute ling barely communicate with each other, and concepts beyond “food”, “hit”, and “sleep” are beyond them. They live no more than forty years.

Racial Abilities
Brute ling can see in the dark (darkvision) with a range of 60 feet. They have a +2 bonus to their starting Strength and Constitution attributes, but a -4 to their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. They are incredibly hardy, and have a +2 bonus to their saving throws against cold, disease, poison, and petrifaction. They cannot use ranged weapons or shields.

Character Classes
Brute ling can be Fighters (7th level). If a Barbarian class is available, brute ling are Barbarians instead.

Racial Class
Brute ling use the Fighter table for experience, saves, Hit Dice, and attacks. They gain a +2 to their hit points at each level, but cannot use armor, shields, ranged weapons, or any weapon that might be considered exotic or specialized.

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