Monday, May 26, 2014

New Race: First Ling

The overview of the ling race, and the brute ling as a PC race, can be found here.

First Ling
First ling are human in appearance, with brown skin, black hair, and striking blue eyes. Their faces are broader than normal, and their hands are longer and larger than human hands. They are masterful builders and smiths, and excavate cavern-cities beneath the mountains, protected from the elements but close to the surface. Early first ling keep themselves isolated from non-ling, surrounding their settlements with brute ling warrens, but as the first ling population grows they increase contact with the outside world, often conquering lands near their mountain strongholds and establishing realms similar to others nearby. First ling speak Ling and Common, and live about 70 years.
The first ling believe themselves to be the first race of humanity created by the eldest god. The other, younger races and their gods were jealous of the first ling, and tricked the ling god into falling asleep. While it was asleep, the younger races killed all the first ling. The younger gods continue to keep the ling god from awakening, but his dreaming mind is powerful enough to keep recreating the first ling.

Racial Abilities
First ling have a +1 bonus to damage due to their natural understanding of weapons and fighting. They have a 3-in-6 chance to detect unusual construction and features in stonework, including secret doors, sliding walls, shifting rooms, pit traps, and so forth. They can create or repair weapons and armor with access to the proper tools.

Character Classes
First ling can be Fighters (8th level) or Thieves (7th level). A first ling with a Wisdom of 16 or higher can be a Cleric (7th level), but they must worship the sleeping ling god, and cannot receive spells of 3rd level or higher.

Racial Class
First ling use the Fighter table for experience, saves, Hit Dice, and attacks. They gain Strength bonuses to hit and damage as a fighter, but do not gain the Parry or Multiple Attacks abilities.

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