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The Mabinogion: Cei ap Cynyr

Cei, Son of Cynyr

“Thereupon Cei rose up. Cei had this peculiarity, that his breath lasted nine nights and nine days under water, and he could exist nine nights and nine days without sleep. A wound from Cei's sword no physician could heal. Very subtle was Cei. When it pleased him he could render himself as tall as the highest tree in the forest. And he had another peculiarity,--so great was the heat of his nature, that, when it rained hardest, whatever he carried remained dry for a handbreadth above and a handbreadth below his hand; and when his companions were coldest, it was to them as fuel with which to light their fire.” – Culhwch & Olwen, The Mabinogion

Cei ap Cynyr; human male barbarian 12

AC: 20; HD: 9 (hp 70)
Atks sword of wounding +2; +12 to-hit, 1d8+8 damage  OR ragesword of wounding +2; +16 to-hit, 1d8+12 damage)
Save 3; Speed: 40 (15)
S:18, C:18, D: 15, I:14; W:9, Ch:14
Boons: Fast Movement, Magical Aptitude (enlarge), Magical Aptitude (endure elements), Power Attack, Toughness (x2)
Equipment: Bag of holding, chainmail +3, gauntlets of ogre power, shield +1, sword of wounding +2

Cei is Arthur’s most loyal and fearsome champion, and one of the best warriors in the land.  He is renowned for his supernatural fortitude and resilience, and feared for his incandescent fury.  Years and blood have taught him cunning and a wide array of dirty tricks, all of which lead to the same place – beneath the sharp edge of his sword. 

Cei’s greatest weakness is his pride.  His willingness to trick opponents is sometimes a source of humor from other members of Arthur’s court, which does not please him.  Cei finally breaks from Arthur because of a short poem Arthur composes poking fun at Cei.  Cei is later slain by Gwyddawg, who is in turn slain by Arthur in retribution for Cei’s death.

Sir Kay breaketh his sword at ye tournament, by Howard Pyle

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