Monday, January 21, 2013

The Fighter Class

Hit Dice: 1d6+2 (+3 hp per level after 9th level.)
Armor: Any armor, shields.
Weapons: Any weapons.
Skills: Fighters are skilled at feats of strength and endurance.  A fighter may select up to three additional skill areas.

Class Features
Applied Force: A fighter adds her full Strength bonus to her attack rolls as well as to her damage rolls.

Dominate: Against creatures with one hit die or less, a fighter makes one attack per level each round.

Weapon Mastery: At first level, the fighter selects one class of weapons: axe, bows, club, crossbows, dagger, darts, flail, mace, pole arm, sling, spear, sword, and two-handed sword.   She receives a +1 bonus to hit and damage with these weapons.  This increases to +1/+2 at 3rd level; +2/+2  damage at 5th level; +2/+3 at 7th level; and +3/+3 at 9th level.
Alternatively, the fighter can select a new weapon group at 5th level (and/or 9th level), gaining a +1/+1 with the new group, which increases to +1/+2 at 7th level.  Either group, or a new group, may be advanced at 9th level.

Parry: At 3rd level, the fighter gains the ability to parry, adding her base to-hit bonus to her armor class.  She cannot attack on any round that she parries.

Shield-bearer: At 7th level, a fighter gains a 1st-level fighter henchman.  If the squire dies, another will replace him the next time the fighter gains a level, depending on the circumstances surrounding the death of the previous squire(s).  Frequent or suspicious deaths are likely to incur repercussions, particularly if the shield-bearer is from a powerful household.

Stronghold: At 9th level the fighter may establish (or have conferred upon her) a stronghold and with it a body of loyal men-at-arms who will swear fealty to her. 

Flurry of Steel: At 11th level, the fighter gains a second attack per round.  If she chooses to parry instead, she gain an additional +2 bonus to her parry bonus.

(The terms advantageknack, and skilled are defined on the Game Design page above.  The license for this entry is located in the Legal page above.)


  1. I can't seem to find said "Game Design" page, nor the description of "Boon".

  2. I removed it for a reason I don't remember. For boons, consider them scaled down simple 3e feats.