Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2e Spell: Tuernathen's Circumvention

I've been trawling my hard drive for old files, so enjoy a spell from the glory days of 2e.  I'll do a S&W version eventually (Tuernathen wrote a number of spells, actually....)

Tuernathen's Circumvention
Alteration (meta-magic)
Components: V, S
Range: 20 yards + 5 yards per level 
CT: 1 round
Duration: 2 turns 
AoE: One being
Save: Neg.
Tuernathen's circumvention was devised by a drow wizard, who jealously guarded knowledge of this spell during his lifetime. After his death, however, copies of his spellbook were mysteriously acquired by rival drow. Rumors of the spell have reached the surface, and wizards there are said to be willing to pay a large price for this spell.

This spell counters a target's magic resistance reducing it by 5% per level of the casting mage, to a maximum of 95%. This reduction is temporary, and applies ONLY to spells cast by the caster of Tuernathen's circumvention. Other spell-casters and creatures must contend with the victim's intact magical resistance -- unless they also utilize the spell.

Victims of this spell may make a save vs spells and a magic resistance check at one-half their usual level to avoid the effects of the circumvention.

The target's magic resistance is not actually negated or lowered by this spell. Instead, the circumvention divines the "weak points" and channels the caster's spells to them, bypassing (or circumventing) the resistance.

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