Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Illusionist Update & Errata

If you're looking for The Basic Illusionist, click on the picture to the right...no, the one below it. The one that says "The Basic Illusionist".

I've updated the Basic Illusionist file with the following errata, an XP chart(...although I just realized I forgot to take the XP bit out of the Q&A. Ce la vie. Maybe next year.), and a bitly url so I can track number of downloads.  Nothing major.

Pierce the Veil (1st): Illusionists have a +2 bonus on saves against illusions. ("advantage" replaced with +2 bonus).

Apprentice (9th): At 9th level, the illusionist gains a 2nd-level apprentice henchman. If the apprentice dies, another will replace her the next time the illusionist gains a level, depending on the circumstances surrounding the death of the previous apprentice.

Sanctum (11th): At 11th level the illusionist can build a stronghold and attract followers, including 1d6 apprentices of various races and species (01-70% human; 71-80% gnome; 81-90% half-elf; 91-95% elf; 96-00% other (faerie dragon, sprite, etc.).

The latter two abilities are intended to spur or assist the development of a "rulership"-style game in sync with the development of a fighter's stronghold, a cleric's temple, a thief's guild, and so forth. If that type of game is not desired, these abilities should be removed.


  1. Thanks for updating the file! I love this little supplement...very useful.

    Also, I'm not on Google+, but I keep tabs on several RPG circles. I'd love to see one of those class zines, so reserve one for me! I'll even throw a link on the zine list if you want!


    1. Yeah, a link would be great! I'll let you know when it's ready.