Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spells: Three Spells and What's Happening

I've accidentally fallen into a project that's sucking up most of my free time right now, so posting is going to be infrequent for a week or two.  Also, I thought February went pretty well posting-wise, but I'm going to try to shift things and post slightly fewer but meatier posts when I do get back to more regular postings.

In the meantime, have some 3rd-level spells. Chant of inspiration doesn't easily fit into an existing class's arena, but could be a cleric spell. Cloudburst is a 3rd-level magic-user and druid spell. Death's door is a 3rd-level cleric spell.

Chant of Inspiration
Level: 3
Range: One ally within 60 feet of you
Duration: Concentration
You sing, chant, or recite a poem, and by doing so one ally within range receives a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls and 2d8 bonus hit points for as long as you continue this spell. You cannot cast another spell while chanting, but you can melee. If you take damage, you must make a saving throw to keep chanting.

Level: 3
Range: 30 foot radius burst within 120 feet.
Duration: 1 round per level
A sudden downpour drenches the target area – even indoors or below ground.  Visibility within and into the cloudburst is only 30 feet. Ranged weapon attacks are impossible in or through the area of a cloudburst, unless the missile is boulder-sized. Unprotected non-magical fires smaller than bonfires are immediately extinguished; larger fires are extinguished in 2 rounds. Small magical fires, such as a flaming weapon or 1st or 2nd level spell, are suppressed for the duration of the cloudburst. Larger magical fires do half of their usual damage and create billows clouds of steam that reduce visibility to 10 feet for a radius around equal to half the radius of the magical fire source.  Instant magical fires, such as fireball, do half damage as above and create steam clouds equal to 150% of the fire’s normal area. The steam clouds do 1 point of damage per round to creatures within them, unless they are immune to fire. They do 2 points a round to cold-based creatures.
If the ambient temperature is below freezing, the effect will be of a snowburst instead.

Death’s Door
Level: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
You stabilize one character who is dying but not dead, bringing them to 0 hit points and unconsciousness. Left alone, they awaken in 24 hours with 1 hit point.

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