Friday, March 7, 2014

Spells: Dream Sight, Oath, and Omen

Dream Sight and Omen are 3rd level Cleric spells; Oath is both a Magic-User and a Cleric spell.

Dream Sight
Level: 3
Range: 1 mile per level
Duration: 1d4 rounds plus 1 round per level
This spell untethers the caster from his body, allowing him to travel as a spirit. The caster can pass through solid objects, but not see through them, and cannot pass through or enter any area protected with any form of magic circle or protection spell. He is incorporeal, silent, and invisible but can be seen by creatures that can perceive invisible, out-of-phase, other-dimensional, or aetherial creatures. Incorporeal creatures can touch and be touched by the caster. In dream form the caster moves at a walking pace except when travelling to a destination within range, at which time he travels at a speed of one mile per round, but cannot see details while doing so. At the end of the spell’s duration, the caster’s spirit instantly returns to his body.

Level: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
This spell extracts an agreement from an unwilling target in return for a favor or consideration from the caster, such as sparing the target’s life, interceding for them with a higher authority, or performing some service. The caster enters into the oath willingly, but the target gets a saving throw; if successful, the oath does not take effect. If the save fails, the oath is binding. The target suffers a -2 penalty to the save if it is under the control of the caster, by force of arms or other means. The caster sets the terms of the oath, which cannot bring direct harm to the target, and must be within the target’s abilities. If the caster breaks his oath or releases the target, the oath is dispelled. If the target does not comply with the terms of the oath, he suffers 1d6 points of damage per day until he relents or dies.

Level: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day per level
Once cast, this spell discharges immediately before the target undertakes a potentially dangerous or rewarding task, manifesting as an unmistakable sign of warning (or blessing) that give the target an opportunity to change their mind. Things that would trigger the omen would be setting off a trap, stepping into an ambush, passing a secret door behind which lies great treasure, or meeting a potential patron or companion. (In out-of-game-terms, this spell takes effect after the player has declared his or her actions, but before they take effect. After the spell goes off, the player can choose a different action if they so desire.)

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