Monday, March 17, 2014

Woodcuts to Download

I've been experimenting with clipping art from the Nuremberg Chronicle, which is absolutely loaded with woodcuts. A few hours last night and maybe two hours today, and I've got a pretty good process down; really only a few minutes per piece.  A year out of school means I really need the practice in Photoshop. Helps that Wikipedia has super-high quality jpgs of each page.

I've been saving as pngs to preserve transparency; not wholly sure it's worth it, but whatever. I'll probably offload the finished results to DVDs or something anyways, so storage isn't really an issue.

Anyways, here's the results from one page. Zipped folder; hopefully you can just click and download. I'm trying a bitly url so I can track downloads (something I can't do with The Basic Illusionist, alas). If there are problems let me know.

Woodcuts of 13 people.  These are free, reproducible, etc, etc. No copyright claims. One is below, along with two snips from larger illustrations I did to see how easily I could make little vignettes (answer: pretty damn easily.)

(Files are labelled nc (Nuremberg Chronicles) - page number(based on jpg #, not actual page) - snip indicates that it's one of multiple images from the page - then a/b/c/d etc etc.)


  1. YOINKSed... Maybe you could describe your work flow?

    1. I put up a new post to explain it.
      Short Version: make it b&w; select the part you want; invert; delete; trim by transparency; erase big bits; select by color range (highlights); delete; erase anything left over; save as png.