Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Race: Zidae (Sparrowlings)

Zidae resemble nothing so much as bipedal sparrows. They stand roughly 4’ tall, but weigh no more than 40 pounds. They have both wings and a pair of human-like arms. Zidae are a good-natured race who prefer talking to fighting, and are reluctant to engage in violence unless it’s clear no other option is available. They have a reputation as amiable and neutral parties, and are sometimes engaged to act as proxies or go-betweens in negotiations between distrustful parties.

Zidae prefer warm or tropical woodlands. They can survive in temperate areas, but dislike the cold in wintertime. They build communal shelters in large trees, weaving the structures out of branches, reeds, grass, and rope. The interiors are padded and insulated with straw, wool, and tapestries. They are vegetarians, but some villages keep herds of sheep or goat for their wool.

Zidae have a +2 bonus to their Dexterity attribute, but due to their light frames, take a -1 penalty to both Strength and Constitution attributes. They cannot wear armor heavier than light armor, although they can carry small shields. Zidae have a basic move of 9, but can fly at a speed of 12.

Zidae can gain levels in the Druid (4th level), Magic-User (5th level), or Thief (7th level) classes.

1d6 Random Zidae Adventurers
  1. A zidae negotiator/arbitrator is looking for companions/guards to accompany her to approach a local power (arch-wizard, druid, dragon) on behalf of a nearby town. The power is likely to ask the zidae and her companions to complete a few tasks before agreeing to anything.
  2. An apprentice magic-user is looking for some rumored arcane texts.
  3. A fledgling wants to get out and meet lots of people in the world. The fact that many of them may be hostile could be a surprise.
  4. An apprentice druid has to go on a pilgrimage to a distant shrine. His superiors hope he’ll get a little worldly experience and wisdom along the way.
  5. A junior zidae diplomat is exploring new markets for zidae cloth, and possible sites for settling too.
  6. A cheerful but larcenous zidae charlatan has run out of patsies and purses, and needs to relocate to a more profitable (and less suspicious) city.

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